Do you ever look around and think, “Okay, Lord, enough is enough—return, please!” This world is in chaos: natural disasters, unspeakable acts of terrorism and oppression, loss of sanctity of life, rampant selfishness and an absence of compassion… This is not what God intended for us. Man’s sinful behavior has created the brokenness in the world, and it will only be eradicated when Jesus returns. There are days I beg Him to come—come now! But it isn’t my timetable. It’s His. I believe He’s doing His best to get our attention, to let us see that this world cannot offer us security and joy. It is His will that none should perish. Whatever it takes to break our hearts for what breaks His, He will do. His actions might hurt for the moment, but for those who turn from sin and seek His face, every bruise and heartache will be worth it.