There are lots of people who believe there is no God. Then there are some who say, “Sure, I believe in God,” but their lives don’t reflect a holy reverence for the Lord. Still more say, “God is love, so everybody gets to Him one way or another.” These kinds of comments make my heart ache, because these people—while very sincere—are very lost. God is God is God, who was and is and will always be. He sent Jesus into the world to be our Savior, the Rescuer from sin’s claim on our souls. Obviously God loves us or He wouldn’t have sent Jesus, but we have a responsibility to accept Jesus. Until we do, all we have is a head knowledge—our heart is still cold and stained from sin. Those of us who know the truth, who’ve been cleansed and changed thanks to the precious Blood of Jesus, must be witnesses to His presence. This messed up world desperately needs the Savior.