Have you ever noticed that those who seem to have the “most”—i.e., wealth, power, fame—also seem to be least happy? Every day we see accounts of suicides, drug abuse, arrests because of intoxication. If these people had joy in the center of their souls, they wouldn’t consider using drugs or alcohol or taking their own lives. The key to joy is found within these verses. “Happy are those who keep His Law…” Those who know God and strive to live as He directed have a deep down satisfaction the world and its pleasures cannot give. When we walk without sin we walk free of regret and the painful consequences of poor choices. A sad-faced Christian is a poor billboard. If you’ve lost your joy, perhaps it’s because you’ve gotten caught up in the world or entangled yourself in legalistic practices that only mimic true love for God. There’s a simple antidote: Look for Him with with all your heart. Those who seek Him will find Him, and He will restore you.