Shall we look at some of the words Jesus spoke to His disciples in the last days of His ministry on earth? This important question came after Jesus quizzed the disciples about how others defined Him. Peter (impulsive, bold Peter!) gave a quick reply: “God’s Messiah.” The disciples recognized that Jesus was more than a miracle worker or a rabbi (teacher) or even a reincarnated prophet—He was the chosen Messiah sent by God to set His people free. Of course, they still didn’t fully understand Jesus’ purpose. They still anticipated the messianic military leader who would trample Rome. But Jesus came to be more than a military general; He came to be our Savior. The most important question any of us can ask ourselves is, “Who is Jesus to me?” Is He your Savior? Is He the Lord of your life? Until we see Him for Who He truly is and accept Him as our personal Lord and Savior, we can never understand who we are. We will never be complete.