As you might already know, last week The Hubs and I had the pleasure of going on the K-Love Cruise. Five days of sailing the blue seas and listening to concert after concert by wonderful Christian artists. Oh, how those men and women can sing! With gusto and beautiful pitches and ranges that extend from the basement to the attic! I love to sing, and probably more than those around me appreciated, I found myself singing along. I also—dare I confess this?—battled a tinge of jealousy from time to time. I can carry a tune, but my range is limited to an octave, and I found myself wishing I could sing as well as those who were on the stage. It’s easy to look at those who possess a special gift and wish we could be more like them. But God bestows different gifts on each of us. Every gift is important because every gift contributes to the Kingdom. If you ever catch yourself feeling a little envious, look back at this verse and remember we all have our own unique gift bestowed by the same Spirit, we serve the same Lord, and God works through every one of us to bring us good and Him glory. We are all valued by Him.