Look out…I’m climbin’ on my soapbox. There is a great deal of turmoil in our world today, and more than once I’ve heard someone say, “Why doesn’t God stop the evil?” Well, you know, He could. One twitch of His little finger could eradicate every bit of wickedness. But we aren’t puppets. He created us with our own wills, and WE choose how to live our lives–either in keeping with His commandments or not. Right now, in many ways, America is reaping the seeds it’s sown. We’ve taken God out of our public schools, removed His guidelines from our court systems, made it an affront to even mention His name. Until we turn around, seek Him, and restore Him to His rightful place, why should we expect Him to bless America? MY hope is in HIM. I know He hasn’t failed me, and I know there is still hope for my nation. Please pray for this country to once again proclaim “God bless America”!