When a wealthy young leader asked Jesus what good he needed to do to be assured of eternal life, Jesus told him he needed to obey the commandments pertaining to a person’s relations with other people and that he needed to love his neighbor as himself. The man responded quickly—“I have kept all these.” In all likelihood, he was sincere in his confirmation. But interestingly enough, he seemed also to recognize that following rules wasn’t enough to assure his place in eternity. Because he asked a second, critical question: “What do I still lack?” Clearly this man was good. He knew the law and he followed the law, but underneath, he hadn’t found true satisfaction. He must have sensed that something in his life still was not right.

This man isn’t unique. So many people strive for satisfaction through work, charitable activities, goodness, or other pursuits and wonder why it isn’t enough. They still end up feeling empty at their core. There is a means of filling the empty spot. We’ll address that in the next couple of days.