Today is my mom’s 81st birthday. She asked Jesus to be her Savior when she was very young, only six years old, and it became her commitment early to let God direct the course of her life. Her close relationship with God through Jesus was her saving grace when her mother died very unexpectedly less than six years later, and shortly thereafter her father fell ill. Her world, as she’d known it, was shattered. But she knew God was, and always would be, there for her. She leaned on Him and His strength. Verse 5 is a very personal statement of heartfelt desire. God can use us, as He used my mom and her faithful obedience, to positively impact those we encounter. If we make the psalmist’s words our daily prayer—Lord, direct me to follow Your ways—He will be faithful to give us what we need to remain faithfully on His path. We can’t do it alone, but through Him, we can triumph over sin’s pull.