The Corinthian believers were very familiar with footraces. The Isthmian games, similar to our Olympics, took place a few miles outside of Corinth. Runners train to race, disciplining and strengthening their bodies in readiness for the competition. On the day of the race, all the runners participate, but only one crosses the finish line in first place and is declared the winner. But that doesn’t mean the other runners didn’t give their all. The goal for each is to receive the prize. We as Christians need to discipline ourselves to live for Him before pleasing ourselves. We need to stay in training, studying His Word and praying in order to be in close relationship with Him, so when the opportunity to share the gospel presents itself, we are ready. The prize of our obedience has a much more lasting result than any victor’s crown, which lasts only as long as the next competition. The prize we receive is the joy of helping a lost sinner find his way to the Savior—a prize that impacts eternity. Our commitment to the gospel should drive us to share because we are convinced of the importance of the message. Not everyone will receive the message from us, but that shouldn’t deter us from living in such a way as to get the prize, because our efforts please the Father.