Jesus took the “scenic route” to Jerusalem, knowing when He reached the city He would face His own crucifixion. On the way, He could have hidden from people, but He didn’t. People were needy. They needed healing, they needed questions answered, they needed assurance. The man who approached and asked about eternal life was young, wealthy, probably a leader in the synagogue, so someone with what we would call clout. And he had a need. He wanted to know that when he left his earthly shell behind he would have a place with the Holy God of Israel. It’s a valid question and a valid desire. But the query—what GOOD must he do—was fraught with hopelessness. Because none of us are good enough to stand in God’s presence. Not on our own. We can’t earn redemption, buy it, bargain for it, or steal it. Jesus knew this. And He had a ready answer. We’ll look at that…and the young man’s reaction to it…tomorrow.