I remember Sunday mornings when my girls were young. During the weekdays, our schedules put us through the single bathroom in our house in shifts, but on Sundays we all needed in there at the same time. Too often the hour before church was more stressful than serene, and by the time we made it out the door, there were times I was not in the mood to worship.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized how important it is to prepare my mind and my heart for time with the Father. If I’m filling myself with worries and irritations, I put up a roadblock to enjoying His presence. Likewise, if I fill myself with the things of the world, there will be less and less room in my heart and life for the things of God. Sin must be cleansed; minds must be focused; hearts must be purified. The Sabbath was established so people could have a day to focus on HIM and center themselves for the rest of the week. My spirit of worship is directly related to my willingness to prepare my heart for an encounter with God the Father. I pray I fill myself with Him today.