Thy lovingkindness


Boy howdy, a person’s mouth can get them in trouble. Once words are “out there,” you can’t take them back. Which is why it’s so important to keep control of our tongues (or, in today’s world, our fingertips). The reference to “thy lovingkindness” is our key to making sure our words are true, kind, and necessary. It’s pretty easy to snap in a moment of anger, frustration, or impatience, but if we consistently ask God to endow us with His lovingkindness, He won’t refuse us. He’ll help us maintain control. When we choose kindness over selfishness and compassion over condemnation, when we refrain from passing on that piece of gossip (or starting it), then we are giving evidence of the difference God makes in a person’s life. Isn’t that our testimony—that HE changes us for the better? Ask Him to mold you after His character. What a beautiful testimony your life will be.