Jesus, although weary and overwhelmed, chastised His disciples when they tried to hold back the children from “bothering” Him. In Matthew 18, He says unless people become like little children, they cannot enter the kingdom of Heaven. You see, children innately trust. If Daddy holds out his arms and says, “Jump,” a child will do so without a moment’s pause. This is the kind of trust Jesus wants from us–to take Him at His word that He IS our Messiah. To trust that He will be with us every step of life’s journey. To trust that we will reside with Him eternally when our time on earth is done. Jesus wants nothing more than for us to take a leap of faith into His outstretched arms. If you haven’t yet put your faith in Jesus Christ, you can do so today. Just believe, and you will be saved. (Suggested carol “Oh, Come, Little Children” by Johann P. Schultz.)