I have probably said this before, but you can speak ill of me, and it might hurt my feelings, but I’ll let it go. However, speak ill of one of my children, grandchildren, or other family members, and prepare for battle. I will staunchly defend the ones I love. In my lifetime, I have heard people disparage my God many more times than they’ve disparaged all of my family members put together. I’m guessing you’ve heard it, too—people using His name as a curse, or speaking of Him irreverently or disrespectfully, or striving to remove any reference to Him. Those encounters pierce me, because I love Him. That being the case, shouldn’t I be just as bold in defending Him as I would be one of my grandchildren? Of course I should. Especially in these times when the world is trying to push God into a box, lock it tight, and throw away the key, we need to speak in His defense. We need to share, unashamedly, what a difference He’s made in our lives. Be bold, dear Christian, in your faith, in word as well as in example. He went to the cross for me; I can speak up for Him.