I have to say, my heart aches for this man who came to Jesus, needy and hopeful, but went away grieving. He wanted eternal life, but he didn’t want to sacrifice anything in order to achieve it. The “stuff” was more important to him than the waiting eternal relationship with a Savior and Redeemer. He was offered something priceless, and he sacrificed it to hang onto the things of the world. Apparently he decided the price Jesus asked was too high. So he chose the temporal over the eternal. He isn’t alone. Every day people make the choice to hang onto the things the world offers in place of a relationship with Jesus. They worry they’ll have to give up too much—too much fun, too much money, too much time…—to be a Christian. What they don’t realize, though, is that there is nothing of greater value than to be whole and filled by the One who loves them more than life itself. This young man’s grief is telling. He recognized he was giving up something special, and he mourned its loss even while holding onto his possessions, which had never satisfied him in the past. How our selfish shortsightedness must grieve the One who longs for us to receive His salvation and enter into right relationship with Him. God is ready, willing, and able to receive anyone who will give up self to follow Jesus. As the song said, “He’s all that my hungering spirit needs.” Our hunger is satisfied when we can honestly say, “I’d rather have Jesus than anything this world affords today.”