“Righteous” is a word that’s become a catch-phrase, such as calling a tune or an idea righteous. In one sense, it does mean very good or excellent, but that’s its informal definition. The formal definition for this adjective is morally right or justifiable; virtuous. It’s this formal meaning that applies so well to God our Maker. Often men involve themselves in things that are legal according to our man-made laws, but when we view those same things from God’s standpoint, some are morally wrong. We try to justify our actions by saying things like, “The law says it’s okay,” or “Everyone else is doing it.” We have to be careful not to measure our actions and attitudes against man’s laws, but against God’s laws. God is always righteous. His precepts are always morally right. He will never lead us into something that is harmful to us spiritually, emotionally, or physically. We can trust His laws to be in our best interest at all times and in all ways.