Years ago, a robin built her nest on the windowsill outside my bedroom. Oh, what joy I found in watching the nest form, waiting for the eggs to hatch, then watching the hatchlings grow. I smiled every time the mama robin swooped in, worm in beak, to feed her hungry babies. I took a lot of pictures of the babies, too, and I observed something. When I held up my camera, it threw a shadow across the nest. The babies would stretch out their necks and open their mouths in anticipation of sustenance. They so trusted Mama, their mouths opened without a moment of hesitation.

This is what God asks us to do out of trust in Him. He has delivered us from sin, and He wants to bless our lives with His presence—He wants to fill us! He invites us to open wide and receive His gifts. We are fed by absorbing His Word, by worshiping Him, by spending time in prayer, and by gathering with those who hold us to accountability and encourage us. If we feel empty, it’s probably because we aren’t opening ourselves to His presence.