(This week I’m on the K-Love cruise, basking in warm breezes and beautiful ocean views, so I’m sharing a few ocean images with you. Enjoy!) When we see a need, what prevents us from trying to meet it? Fear of rejection? Worry that we won’t have the resources to complete it? Doubt in our capabilities? When we pour our whole selves into something and it seems as if we don’t make any progress, we can lose heart and give up. But when it comes to praying for someone’s salvation, never give up. We can’t know what’s going on in someone else’s heart. We can’t know how God is using our dedication to impact His kingdom. We only see the here and now; He sees the everything from beginning to end. He honors our efforts on His behalf. So if you’re tempted to give up, believing that you can’t make a difference, yield not to the temptation! Stand in the gap. Prayer is never wasted.