Have you ever been called a “PollyAnna”? Sometimes people use the term as an insult, calling someone too cheerful to be real, but honestly, it’s a compliment. The book character PollyAnna looked for the good in every situation. To me, one of the biggest wonders of God is how He can bring beauty from hardship. There are things we learn in suffering that can’t be gained when all is well. Do we lean fully on Him when our pathway is straight and unchallenged? Do we seek His guidance when everything is falling neatly into place? Do we discover the depth of His peace unless we battle a storm? During the good times, it’s easy to rely on self, but be careful about falling into that place of complacency. Stay rooted in Him with daily contact. Then, when difficulty strikes, the Source of Strength will be close and available to uphold us. With His help, our leaf shall be green and will point the way to Him to those watching our progress.