See that shadowy spot in the valley? Far off, where the mountains seem to fold in on one another? Looks like a lonely place, doesn’t it? That’s where I found myself last night. Worries pressing in–worries for Wee Wugmump and her mommy and daddy–as well as a boatload of wish-I-knews and lots and lots of whys. In other words, a dark, frightening, emotional maelstrom. Betcha some of you are nodding right now and thinking, “Yep. Been there.” And while I was driving through the night, lost in my fears, a chorus began singing through the back of my mind: “There will be peace in the valley for me…” Over and over and over.

My lips hadn’t been able to find words to pray, but my soul had been crying out to the Lord. He heard, and He sent me a message of comfort. I don’t know what the future holds for Wee Wugmump or for my other grandchildren or even for me…but I do know, when I need Him, He is there. And because He’s right here, I can find my peace even in the valley.

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