Solomon became frustrated by the endless cycles of nature because they reminded him of humans going in circles, expending effort without much to show for it. He called these pursuits “wearisome.” It’s almost depressing to think that no matter what people saw or heard they were never satisfied. What’s more depressing is realizing how many people today try to find satisfaction in the things they can see or hear—things that are part of this world. A lack of satisfaction leads us to feelings of emptiness. Solomon’s statement that all things are wearisome is his conclusion that pursuing things of the world, seeking a purpose in worldly pursuits, wears us down. Without God in our lives, nothing gives our lives lasting meaning. HE is our filler-upper. HE is our life-completer. Without Him, our souls wither and refuse to flourish. But don’t lose hope! Those who are weary can turn to Him, and He will give them peace and rest.