I have so enjoyed the Monarch butterfly migration. I love watching how Monarchs float on the breeze, allowing nature’s puffs to carry them but utilizing their unique navigational system (i.e.: God-planted instincts) to keep themselves on course. As Christians, we need to use our navigational system (i.e.: the Holy Spirit) to keep ourselves on course rather than letting the world’s “puffs” drive us in a direction we shouldn’t go. There are negative influences all around us. Some seem bent on erasing all elements of Christianity from the world. Temptations beckon, and it takes a great deal of effort to stay on the path of righteousness when we feel as if we’re walking alone. Dear Christian, let me assure you, you are NOT walking alone. You have the power you need to remain holy (set apart) in this broken world. Rely on the Holy Spirit’s presence to guide you. The world’s followers will try to lead you astray, but He never will, because He always has your well-being at heart.