Hang around a toddler for an hour or two and you’ll discover something: toddlers look out for #1. Every toy is “mine!” If a plate of cookies is brought out, the little hands will grab for the biggest one. And if you reach it first, a battle will ensue to retrieve it for himself. We don’t have to teach children to be selfish; it comes naturally. If we aren’t careful, the attitude of wanting everything for ourself can carry into adulthood. We become so fixed on pleasing self that we lose sight of others’ needs and, more importantly, what God desires from us. But when we pray the words from this Psalm and ask God to help us see less of “me” and more of “Him,” our hearts change. Our attitude and actions shift from self-serving arrogance to humility. In other words, we begin to reflect our Savior, the One who lived as a humble servant and gave up His very life for each of us. Selfish or self-less… Which do you choose today?