Some of my fondest memories are of taking walks with my oldest daughter when she was barely over a year old. A walk around the block could take an hour because we had to stop frequently and let her examine things. Everything was worthy of study–a leaf, a flower, the bark on a tree, her shadow… Her intense examination caused me to truly look, too, and I began to marvel at the intricacy of our world. Who but God could create something as delicate as the veins in a leaf or the tiny clustered petals of a dandelion bloom?

Recently I received word that a friend’s grandbaby, who had been diagnosed in the womb with a syndrome that causes the intestines to form outside the body (and the diagnosis confirmed with multiple sonograms right up to the month of delivery), was born perfectly healthy. Everything where it should be. Instead of facing weeks in NICU, this dear little girl is in her own home with her marveling mommy and daddy. The doctor who delivered her said, “This never happens.” Nature couldn’t reconstruct that baby girl’s body, but God could. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that God had worked a miracle.

I love it when things happen that cannot be explained any other way than “thou, LORD, hast done it.”

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