Herschel Hobbs’ commentary says, “God spoke the world into existence for His glory.” God SPOKE and the heavens and earth were formed, just like that. From absolutely nothing He formed this world and everything in it. There’s a great theological truth in the first verse of the Bible: the Bible is about God. It’s about His holy purpose, His plan, His promises. It isn’t about us at all (the way we want to make it—me, me, me!), but is all about Him. The Bible is His-story!

A friend of mine is studying Hebrew, and it’s so interesting to examine the Hebrew meanings in the original text. In this case, the Hebrew word for “God” is “elohim,” which references the ONE TRUE GOD. It’s a plural noun that is consistently used with a singular verb, which points to the plurality of God’s being and His singular will and nature. While the heavens and earth have a beginning, God does not. He always was, He is, and He always will be…which can be a little confusing for our human minds to comprehend, but His covenant name, Yahweh—I AM, expresses that truth. He is eternal. And He brought this world into existence with intention, with purpose, and according to His plan.

We’re not here by happenstance, folks! We were intentionally created by the great and powerful I AM, our loving and purposeful Creator.