If we were to write a literal rendering for this verse, it would be “Think this in you which Christ thought in Him.” Jesus–the holy, blameless, powerful Son of God—entered this world to be a servant. He was fully God, but He didn’t use His standing for His own advantage. He considered it a prize to be freely surrendered. In other words, He was the essence of humility. We don’t see a great deal of servanthood or humility in today’s world. We see people clamoring for the things for which they feel they are entitled. We see them waving signs and demanding rights. Every person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect because we are all made in God’s image, but I worry that our demands for rights have pushed aside our responsibility to consider others’ value, too. It isn’t easy to live humbly in these human skins, but with Christ’s help, we can love as He called us to love.