The Bible is such an amazing compilation. Each of the 66 books of the Bible is different in style and purpose. A variety of authors contributed to it. When put together, we see a beautiful, complete picture of God’s revelation. In the pages of the Bible, we will find everything we need to experience the fullness of life. God’s Word is powerful. It is life-changing. But we can only experience its change and blessing when we believe the Word is true, and we build our lives on its instructions. Psalm 119, the longest of the psalms, has the common theme of loving God’s Word. Verse 1 points us to the benefit we receive when we rely upon and act upon the truths of Scripture. Walking in the way of the law is, simply put, following the instructions of the Lord. Don’t confuse this with legalism! In the law of the Lord, He reveals Himself and His ways to us, and He offers us the opportunity to choose whether or not to follow. Those who make the choice to obey, are the blessed. Our faithfulness to Him results in a joy of spirit that is beyond anything the world can offer.