I confess, I’ve shed a few tears of sorrow in the past week for events unfolding in our nation. Man’s inhumanity toward man has always been a source of heartache and confusion, and my heart has aches deeply for lives affected by violence and hatred. But I’ve also found a source of comfort: God’s Word. God is still my Father. I find peace when I set my mind on Him. No matter what happens here, I have the hope of eternity waiting. Regardless of what conflicts and trials happen around me, Jesus still holds the victory. It might be dark right now, but I know joy comes in the morning. I find my strength in my faith in Him while I pray for Him to comfort those who are hurting and change the hearts of those who choose to do harm. I also find comfort in knowing how many of my Christian brothers and sisters are praying, too. The prayers of the righteous avail much! Hold to hope—He’s still on His throne.