Into eternity


Let’s face it, as long as we are walking around on this sinful earth, we will face contempt by those who have no use for God or His ways. Jesus was despised and rejected; as His followers, should we expect less? I don’t like to be rejected (who does?), but I can deal with man’s contempt, because I don’t live to please man; I want to please my Lord and Savior. I would rather suffer reproach from a thousand men than from the One and Only God. If I’m going to be treated with contempt, let it be for serving Him rather than for any other reason. Honestly, when people disdain us for following Jesus, they aren’t disdaining us—they’re disdaining Him. But when we stand firm against reproach, showing patience instead of anger or engaging in retaliation, we give a testimony of the power of His love in a human life. His love will carry us into eternity. Can anyone else make such a promise?