The words of this hymn will likely be unfamiliar, although the tune (“O Worship the King”) is well known. These words seem so applicable, I couldn’t resist sharing them with you. From “We Utter Our Cry” by Fred Kaan.

1 We utter our cry: that peace may prevail,
that earth will survive, and faith must not fail.
We pray with our life for the world in our care,
for people diminished by doubt and despair.

2 We cry from the fright of our daily scene
for strength to say “No” to all that is mean:
designs bearing chaos, extinction of life,
all energy wasted on weapons of death.

3 We lift up our hearts for children unborn;
give wisdom, O God, that we may hand on,
replenished and tended, this good planet Earth,
preserving the future and wonder of birth.

4 Creator of life, come, share out, we pray,
your Spirit on earth, revealing the Way
to leaders conferring round tables for peace,
that they may from bias and guile be released

5 Whatever the ill or pressure we face,
Lord, hearten and heal, give insight and grace
to think and make peace with ech heartbeat and breath,
choose Christ before Caesar and life before death!