I love crocuses, daffodils, tulips…well, all “bulb” flowers, I guess. There’s something magical about putting that brown, seemingly dead clump deep in the ground to slumber during the winter months and seeing a green shoot break through as the ground begins to warm. Then when the flower opens, the beauty is so startling. I’ve always thought God created bulb flowers to give us a tiny glimpse of Easter. Christ, dead, laid in a tomb, burst forth in glory and beauty on the third day. Some life experiences can make us feel as if we’re trapped in a cold, hard place with no hope. But even in those hard places, God is preparing us for a beautiful blooming. With His help, we will break free of the stubborn sod and lift our faces to the sun. If you’re caught in a winter time, hold tight to hope. The bloom will burst forth, and those observing will see the mysterious beauty of strength and dignity that grows from challenge.