It’s a scary thing to pray “Thy will be done.” Sometimes His will takes us to places we wouldn’t choose to go. Sometimes His will is accomplished via means we wouldn’t choose to endure. Years ago, I fell on my face and prayed for God to work His will in the life of a loved one who was walking a dangerous path. I prayed, “Whatever it takes, Lord, work Your will.” That loved one suffered a horrible motorcycle accident that nearly took her life and left her in a wheelchair. But the trial also put her face to face with her Maker, and she emerged with a faith to which she now clings openly and fervently. Would I have chosen those means? Of course not! Did God bring good from it? Of course He did! His will is perfect. He works in ways we don’t always understand to bring us into alignment with Him. “Your will be done…” Do we trust Him enough to pray His will for ourselves and those we love? I hope so.