I am lonely.

Five days ago my human put her suitcase in the back of the car and drove away. Before she left she said, “Be good, Clydey-cat. I will see you in two weeks.” I brushed it off at the time. Two weeks? She’d never leave me for two weeks, not even to go on a cruise with her soul sister. But then she left. Every day I’ve wandered the inn, meeking her name and looking for her. But nope–she isn’t here. 

This is my lonely spot. Pun intended.
Frankly, her being gone leaves me a little bit depressed. You know how you get used to somebody–the way they cut up your kitty pate, scratch your ears oh-so-gently-just-right when they pass by, say your name in a tone that lets you know they love you? Yeah, that’s what my human does for me. Not to mention she has the softest, most comfortable lap ever. I’m still so surprised she could leave me for a whole two weeks. I don’t think she realizes just how long that is in kitty years.
And how can she possibly get along without me for that long? Is somecat greeting her with a moist nose snuggle against her cheek each morning? Who is warming her lap or following her from room to room just to be sure she’s okay? I mean, I need my human–there’s no doubt about that–but she needs me, too.
Well, while I’m waiting for her to come back, I’m learning a few things. First, even though The Hubs doesn’t cut up my food in as small of pieces as my human, he does remember to feed me. Even though he isn’t as gentle in tone as my human, when he says, “Hi, Clydey-cat, what’cha doing?” he seems sincere. He’s pretty good at ear scratching even if his fingers are bigger and stronger than my human’s. And even though his lap isn’t the same as my human’s, I have discovered…

…it sits pretty good when you need a warm place to be.

Even so, if you happen to see my human out there running around somewhere, would you kindly tell her I’m ready for her to come home? Thank you.

God bless you mousely…er, muchly as you journey with Him.

Clyde Whiskers Sawyer

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