I come from a creative family.

Daddy writes poetry, does amazing woodworking, and gardens. Mom tantalizes our tastebuds and stitches threads into lovely flowers and whimsical cats. My brother composes music. My daughters are singers, artists, poets. Oldest Grandboy has already written his first book (I shared about it here). And now Youngest Granddarling has blessed us with her very first paintings.Wugmump’s mommy is a Pinterest fan. (I haven’t gotten into Pinterest…yet…but I’ve been tempted!) She found this idea and decided it was the perfect way to spend an hour with Wugmump. Wugmump completely agreed. :o)

Somewhat of a tentative start…planning the layout.
Hand sweeps of color…
Big splashes of expression!
Two hands swirl the paint into the perfect blend.
A beaming smile of pride in her creation.
And the final products…presents for Gramma and Grampa. :o)
I love that the Bible starts with creation–God, the Creator, putting the world together bit by bit, color by color, with lights and darks and all the textures imaginable. The beauty He crafted! And I love that God gave humans a tiny bit of Himself in the desire to create.
These paintings will hang on my wall as a reminder of God the Creator, a reminder of precious little Wugmump, and a reminder of the two elements my family shares: faith in God, and love for each other.
What is your favorite means of creative expression? Exercise it today! :o)
God bless you muchly as you journey with Him~ Kim