I hope this won’t be taken offensively, but sometimes Christians don’t act very Christ-like. Because we’re trapped in human skin and our humanity gets in the way. Unfortunately, those who aren’t believers then look at the unChrist-like behavior as “proof” that God doesn’t really exist or make a difference in a person’s life. I could refute that (because I know far too many people who do reflect Jesus beautifully), but I think there’s better advice: Don’t look at people. Look at GOD. Look at JESUS. Allow the HOLY SPIRIT to impact your life. Humans are humans and will disappoint you every time. GOD’s righteousness won’t allow Him to do anything less than what is good. JESUS, though tempted, emerged triumphant. The HOLY SPIRIT won’t lead you astray. So use GOD as your example to follow rather than men, and your feet will be secure.