Confession time: I am a gasper. When I see something spectacular, like a shimmering rainbow, I gasp. It drives my husband crazy–he says, “You scare me when you do that!” But I can’t help it. All this happiness wells inside of me and spills out in a delight-filled gasp.

Rainbows speak to me. (You, too?) I see them as God’s promises painted across the sky in bright bands of color. Each color holds special meaning, too–purple for royalty, red for Christ’s blood, green for new life, yellow for the Son… When I see a rainbow–even one smaller than this–first I gasp, then I praise.

Thank You for Your promises, God–to give me grace, to give me strength, to never leave me. You keep Your promises from everlasting to everlasting. You are my stability in an unstable world. I praise You for who You are! Amen.

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