There’s this thing about rules: they’re only as good as the people who follow them. In America it’s against the law to murder, to steal, to drive faster than the posted speed limit. But every day, each of those laws (and many others) are broken countless times. If only everyone understood the value and wisdom of God’s laws. Think how pleasant this world would be if no one took another’s life, no one helped himself to someone else’s property, everyone honored their marriage vows, all children were respectful, and on and on through all of the Ten Commandments. All of those things would be more likely if everyone honored commandment 1: “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” When we put God first and commit to keeping Him in the center of our lives, our behavior reflects it. When we put personal satisfaction (selfishness) above God, morality decays. We see evidence of this in the news every day. But there’s a remedy for the world’s sinfulness: calling upon the Lord and seeking to follow His commands. He gives understanding to all who request it. Let’s seek His counsel daily and strive to stay on His path. Oh, how this world needs to see examples of Godly living!