See that woman’s scowl? I can relate.
Our last day in DisneyWorld I started feeling yucky. I figured, “Well, I’ve gotten little sleep and am in a different climate–of course I feel a little under the weather. It’ll pass.”
But it didn’t. On the way home I started running fever, my head and chest filled, and it became clear something had its hold on me.
Yep. The Flu.
Now, I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m a structure girl. I set my routine and I stick to it. My calendar for 2013 was already outlined with the following:
January 1–take down all Christmas decor
January 2-3–work on tax information for the accountant
January 4–begin writing new book
Well, here it is, January 10th, and the tree is still standing in the library. Don’t even mention the tax information or the new book. I have done absolutely NOTHING. Well, other than rest. Sleep in my bed. Doze on the couch or on the settee in the library. Rest, rest, rest. It has nearly driven me crazy. But with no choice but to rest, you kind of settle into a new routine.
I’ve been reading in the Psalms since the first of the year–little snippets, since that’s all my sore eyes can handle. Tuesday’s scripture (from Psalm 85) said, “Oh yes! God gives Goodness and Beauty!” Although I’d hardly call this bug “goodness and beauty,” I must admit being forced to set aside my own agenda and just rest hasn’t been all bad.
When you feel absolutely lousy, little things take on significance. I’ve found great pleasure in a bowl of soup or a lovely grilled cheese sandwich, browned to perfection by The Hubs.


Speaking of The Hubs, he brought me a gift to help me feel better. Flowers? Chocolates? Diamonds? Nope, two boxes of Puffs Plus with Lotion. And oh, how my nose thanked him!


I made my plans, but The Flu derailed them. And as frustrating as I’ve found it, somebody else is quite pleased with the change in routine…


The kitties–especially Clyde, who was recently given a clean bill of health by the vet (thanks for praying!)–love all this sitting, because they have a nap buddy available every minute. And you know what? It’s very soothing, simply sitting and petting a cat.

Fortunately, The Flu is running its course. I’ve lost the fever, the chest congestion is clearing, and my naps are getting shorter in duration. I’m certainly not back to full swing yet, but the end is finally in sight. And I’ve survived stepping away from my rigid routine once again. I think we call that a touch of “goodness and beauty.”

God bless you muchly as you journey with Him! ~Kim

P.S. — Judy, you have my full sympathy and prayers for quick feel-betterness!