“Worthless things”… What comes to mind when you think about that phrase? I would define it as anything that distracts us from keeping God front and center in our lives. It could be the annoying habit of the coworker in the next cubicle, it could be a blaring television, it could be social media, it could be news reports that make your blood pressure rise and builds fury inside of you. We’re good at making excuses, but the truth is we choose to give priority to “things” in our lives. Some things—family, job, church, or personal responsibilities—can’t and shouldn’t be ignored, but somehow in the din and busyness of this world, we need to take time with Him. He is our stabilizer. He is our peace-bringer. He is our moral guide and our wise counselor. If we allow “things” to distract us completely from Him, our souls will suffer. If you find yourself getting caught up in things that do not glorify the Father, close your eyes, fix your heart on Him and His word. In His presence, we will find everything worthwhile.