When I read this scripture this morning, I was immediately humbled. I’m pretty good about laying my requests before God. I feel comfortable enough with Him–and I know He sees my thoughts even before I think them–so I’m open with God in both my praise and my petitions. But the second part–the waiting expectantly…? Sometimes that gets me. I wait, but (confession time) not always as expectantly as I should. Because, let’s be honest, there are some situations and some people that from our human eyes just aren’t gonna change. And since I look through human eyes, I start thinking, “It’s impossible! Why do I even bother to pray about that?” And oh, my, that is sooooo wrong.

With GOD nothing is impossible. With GOD all things can become new. When I wait for GOD to act in His perfect timing and with His perfect means, I need to be expectant. Confident. Wholly trusting.

Lord, build in me the faith to believe when my humanity screams it’s useless. With You, there are no losers. Amen.

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