When a friend’s son was a little fellow and he got upset about something, he would throw himself backward. My friend always went running and put her hands under his head to keep him from hurting himself, then she’d talk to him about more appropriate ways to express his unhappiness. One day when he got upset and threw himself backward, she didn’t go catch him. He went flat on his back and bumped his head. Not only did he hurt his head, he scared himself. And guess what? After that, he never threw himself backward again. After suffering the consequence of his action, he decided the action wasn’t worth it. (What a concept.)

Sometimes when people are bent on destruction even after countless warnings and “savings,” all you can do is let them suffer the consequences. It hurts us when someone we love suffers. It hurts God when we ignore Him and wallow in sin. He doesn’t want us caught in regret and the pain of poor choices. But God doesn’t force Himself on anyone. He’s always available, but He isn’t pushy. Otherwise we’d be puppets instead of having free will. There are always two choices: follow God or ignore God. Both choices come with consequences. I pray I always choose wisely.