I returned from the K-Love cruise with a renewed conviction to be #notashamed in boldly proclaiming the name of Jesus. I want to stand before God #notashamed for the way I live my life. So buckle your seatbelt—I’m about to be bold!

Today is my physical birthday (so grateful my parents gave me life!), and I well remember the day of my spiritual birth (when I was born into life eternal!). I was eight years old, and I suddenly realized that the wrongs I had done were sin that separated me from Father-God. I wanted that barrier removed. I will never forget the rush of relief and pure joy that flooded me when I asked Jesus to wash away my sins, and He answered. That joy has stayed with me through good times and bad for nearly half a century.

Dear friends, do not believe the worldly hype that there are many paths to God. There is only ONE WAY to the Father, and it is through the SON. To spend eternity with God we must receive a spiritual rebirth by accepting Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior. Believe the words of Jesus to Nicodemus!