Okay, I promised to share some photos from the K-Love cruise with you, so here goes…

This year’s cruise only had two ports-of-call: Key West, Florida, and Cozumel, Mexico. Since Kathy and I had visited Key West already (and since I wasn’t able to secure a tour of Hemingway’s house *sigh*), we only explored Cozumel. Here are a few highlights of our days in Cozumel…

The Mayan ruins



Can you spot the iguana on the rocks??? They were EVERYWHERE.
Endlessly beautiful beach…


 I’m not a swimmer *ahem* so I stayed out of the water. :o)
We also did some shopping.
Kathy looked great in that hat, but it wouldn’t fit in her suitcase. Ha!

Time on the ship was enjoyable, too. Between concerts, speakers, comedians, illusionists, and food 24/7, there’s always something to do. A few shots of ship life…

 I LOVED this purple room!
Every staircase handrail was decorated with a pair of lion’s heads.
Kicking back and watching the blue water is a great way to relax.


 How we enjoyed the nightly concerts!


And of course, grabbing autographs is fun, too.
(Another cruiser asked the bands to pose with a tiny figurine–
it reminded me of “Flat Stanley” and my teaching days.)

All in all, Kathy and I had a marvelous time. Five K-Love cruises in a row! Kinda hard to think of not going together next year, but at least we have lots of memories to treasure.

 Our annual “sister pic.”

May God bless you muchly as you journey with Him! ~Kim

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