Yesterday I shared the song, “When He Was on the Cross, I Was on His Mind.” Those words make me tear me up every time. Long before I was born–long before my great-great-grandparents were conceived–God knew there would one day be a Kim and He wanted fellowship with me. So He sent Jesus. For me. For you. For every soul who had entered or ever would enter the earth. He CHOSE to make a way for us to be joint heirs with Jesus, to become His children. The price Jesus paid for us is beyond description.

I look at people scrambling to fill their lives with belongings or “fun times” or drugs or alcohol, all seeking to satisfy the deepest emptiness…and my heart aches because what they’re really seeking is a relationship with God. Those of us who have found our way to God by believing on the Lord Jesus Christ have a wonderful message to share! We have the answer to joy and fulfillment! Have You thanked Him recently for bringing you from the darkness into the light?

Heavenly Father, the Gift of Your Son is so wonderful and so undeserved, but You gave Him anyway. Because of Jesus, I am now Yours, and You are mine for all eternity. I praise You for the sacrifice You made. May I live a life that brings glory to You as a small token of my gratitude. Amen.

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