Have you ever battled with a decision or a mindset, uncertain which direction God would have you go? I think we all do from time to time, because we’re human. We know that we know that we know God’s way is the best way. But when faced with multiple options, sometimes we aren’t 100% sure which way He’s pointing us. In these times, we should first pray and seek His guidance. Ask Him to close any door that would lead us away from His will. If more than one door remains open, then examine each. Do any of them hold elements that go against God’s statutes, according to His Word? Still uncertain? Then there are two choices: Either stay put until you clearly hear God’s voice; or choose a path and march forward with the intention of bringing glory to Him along the way. Keep your heart tuned to Him and keep your feet in accordance to His precepts. Even when we might wonder why we’re on a certain path, I’m a firm believer that there are no wasted steps…or pauses…in a God-directed journey.