See the little crowns? My middle daughter, Mom, and I attended the mother/daughter event at our church this past Tuesday evening. Everyone was given a crown and encouraged to wear it in preparation for our program. I’d never worn a crown or tiara of any kind before, and I have to say, there’s something rather invigorating about donning regal attire. You want to stand more erect, speak more clearly, and behave more appropriately when your head is topped by a jeweled crown. Try it some time. I think you’ll discover the same feeling yourself.
Actually, when you think about WHY we were wearing the crown, a change in demeanor makes perfect sense. We put on those crowns to proclaim ourselves as daughters of the King. When we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior, we become heirs with Christ–adopted children of God. So that makes us princesses. And as such, shouldn’t our lives reflect on the outside the change that has occurred on the inside? Of course it should. And this truth was shared beautifully by our speaker,¬†Kim Zweygardt.
I met Kim a few years ago through¬†ACFW(American Christian Fiction Writers). Since we’re both Kansas girls with a tie to the small town of Protection (yes, there is a town called Protection! It’s very near Buttermilk and Wilmore), we hit it off fairly quickly. I was delighted to learn she had a ministry of performing dramatic interpretations of biblical characters, and I eagerly invited her to present to the ladies at my home church. Although it’s a lengthy drive from Kim’s home in St. Francis to Hutchinson, she agreed to come not only once, but TWICE.
This second time she shared her book, “Ashes to Beauty: the Real Cinderella Story” with us, and the story correlated so perfectly with our theme of Daughters of the King. If you know any girl from little to age 102 who needs some encouragement and reminder of her value in God’s eyes, I recommend looking for Kim’s book–it will touch your heart. I know as someone who spent far too many years feeling unworthy and hiding behind a cloak of shame, I could have benefited from an allegorical tale of my value in God’s eyes. It gives me a great deal of joy to share this story with you…and I know it’s Kim’s prayer for women to be awakened to how much they are loved and cherished by our heavenly Father.
At the conclusion of the evening I encouraged the women in attendance to go home, put on their crowns, look at themselves in the mirror and remind themselves they are daughters of the King–they are loved exactly the way they are, and they are beautiful to God. How can you not smile with those truths ringing in your heart?
Old business … on my last post I said I’d share something “Mennonite-ish” with one commenter. The little children in the picture are indeed from an Old Order MENNONITE sect…hinted at by the girl’s floral dress and boys’ collared shirt. :o) Regardless of whether you answered the question correctly or incorrectly, if you posted, you went into the drawing. And so, TAMMI IN MAINE, would you please send me your mailing address via kim at, and I will put a package in the mail to you as quickly as possible.
In closing—-hold your head high as if a jeweled crown rests upon your hair! Bask in the warmth of your Father’s love! Be proud and be grateful, because YOU are a CHILD OF THE KING!
God bless you muchly as you journey with Him! ~Kim