I love old barns. (This one was photographed by a friend, Jim.) If those walls could talk, think of the tales they would tell! A barn was an important structure on the family farm, and it makes my heart hurt to see so many of the old, wonderful wood barns fall into disrepair. If you travel across the countryside, you might discover a limestone or field rock foundation–evidence that at one time a building to shelter the family’s work animals and store tools and feed once stood tall and proud in that spot. Over time, buildings disappear from the landscape. Wood rots, bricks crumble, and mighty winds tear shingles from roofs. Exposed to the elements, the foundation will then begin to wear away, too. But there is one Foundation that always remains unchanged: the Cornerstone, Jesus Christ. No storm can destroy Him. No amount of time will make Him less strong than He is now. Husbands and wives who build their relationship on a shared belief in Jesus have a foundation that will protect them against the temptations and hardships of the world. “My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness…” Is that your song, too?