Focusing mostly on verse 8 today… Who doesn’t like God’s blessings? We all want to be showered with blessings, but sometimes we forget the verse about reaping what we sow. God wants us to live in the land of milk and honey, where our thirst is quenched, our hearts are at peace, and our souls rest in Him. But we have a responsibility if we want to receive His blessings. Think of it this way: Do we reward our children for disobedience? Are we promoted at work for sloughing off on the job? Why should we expect blessings when we don’t do what’s asked of us? “Do not rebel against the Lord,” the scripture says. Our blessings are directly related to our attitude before God. When we’re tempted to rail at the sky, “Lord, where are You?”, it might be wise to take a look around and ask, instead, “Lord, am I honoring You with my words and behaviors?”